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This is a new house for rent in Taman Griya.

The house is having 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. 2 Floors. Living and kitchen. Small garden at the back with a terrace. Parking space in front of the house.

Information about the region


New house for rent in Taman Griya

New house for rent in Taman Griya

DancersObject Data

Trade Units 1
Trade Size 150.00 m²
Floor(s) / Location 2
Year of Construction 2009
Parking Lot


Rental price per year is € 4,800.-. Minimum contract will be for 2 years. Costs for water and electricity will be for your own account.

No furniture.

This is rental is suitable for the one who is doubting if they want to live for permanent in Bali. This might be a good opportunity to "taste" the way of living in Bali. After the rental you always still can decide if you want to buy or move to an other place. This is also a way to look around during your rental to a suitable house for yourself.

Something else is what people are doing is renting such a house and maintain their house in their own country. Those people stay for about half a year in their country and the rest of the time in Bali. Keep in mind that the way of living is most of the time cheaper than the way of living in your own country. In this way you even can safe money...

Location / Vicinity

The house is located in Taman Griya, between Jimbaran and Nusa Dua. The village Taman Griya is having several restaurants and shops and supermarkets. Several foreigner are living in this area. It is a popular area because it is on rather short distances from cities like Kuta, Nusa Dua and the bay of Jimbaran.


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